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    When you are trying to see what something is, there is no substitute for looking at an example.  This is particularly true with legal documents like the ones discussed on this web site.

    When you are trying to learn about something, one of the best things to do is to compare what you are interested in with something from the same field or of like kind and hopefully, better quality.

     When you are studying any particular legal document, whether it is an employment contract, a Will, Articles of Incorporation, or whatever, one of the best techniques is to get one that was done very thoroughly.  It is always easier to decide that some provision included in what you are comparing is not needed in your situation (and can be dropped), than it is to start with a skeletal version of the form and try to think up what else you need to add.  (My favorite illustration of this was Roy Roger’s employment contract.  It was in an old AmJur forms book, in small type, and it was still about a quarter of an inch thick. It went on and on and on and on.)

    I always find it easier to think about a particular legal document when I have an example from the real world in front of me to look at.  So this section of my web site is where I have included (and will include in the future) some pdf files that you can look at to get an idea about what forms these papers can take.

    First I am including three different companies’ Articles of Incorporation. You will see the Articles for The Greif Bros. Cooperage Corporation.  They were done in 1926 and filed in Delaware.  There are seven articles on about fourteen pages.  Next you will see restated articles for Claxton Acres, Inc.  Those contain five articles on two pages.  Third, you will see Faley Enterprises, Inc.  It is ten articles on two pages done in 1976.  None of these were drafted by me.  I include them as examples for comparison and to use to think about the range of what can be included in any Articles of Incorporation.

    Next I am including the owners’ Deed of Dedication for National Plaza, Waterloo, Iowa.  It creates a Zero Lot Line form of ownership on a one-story building that has eight units.  I could do this because no unit is situated over another; it is just a  long one-story building with a basement when you see it from the adjacent street.   With Zero Lot Line a conveyance of the lot conveys the unit on the lot.  There is no HOA.  There is no ownership in common of so-called “common elements.”

    Finally, I am including the Declaration from Ashwood Condominium. I drafted it in 1993.  Comparing this Declaration with the Deed of Dedication for National Plaza illustrates that a condominium and a zero lot line are two very different approaches to providing for multiple ownership in a multi-unit building.

-- Examples for Articles of Incorporation
 Articles Greif Bros. Cooperage Corporation.
Articles for Claxton Acres, Inc.
Articles for Faley Enterprises, Inc.
-- Examples for Deed of Dedication
National Plaza, Waterloo Iowa
National Plaza Map
-- Examples for Condominium
Ashwood Condominium
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